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Japan’s Startup Ecosystem is Growing

Softbank is considered to be a big player in the global venture capital market. Startups in which Softbank invested are highly regarded for their potential to succeed in the global market. Coupang is a case in point. Although it is...


Cultural Understanding Influences Business success in MENA Region

“People in the Middle East spend longer time making decisions than in Korea. Understanding these cultural differences makes business easier.” Tarek Fouad, Head of Growth at Shorooq Partners, advises that understanding the country’s culture is the most critical factor and...


Going Global: Tips from Launchpad Global Partners

Six international accelerators from the United States, Japan, Singapore, France, the Middle East, and Finland have been participating in Launchpad, a global accelerating program operated by the Korea Creative Content Agency, since June. Launchpad was first started in 2017 as...


How France Helps Content Startups Scale up

France ranks among the most active European countries in fostering and supporting startups. La French Tech, a government-led startup development policy that started in 2013, established a startup ecosystem across the nation, and France succeeded in emerging as a European...


Why Finland is a great place for Content startups

In 2019, more than 100 promising startups in Korea accompanied President Moon Jae-in on his trip to Finland. It was to experience the Nordic startup ecosystem and seek opportunities to enter the market. Finland is a small country with 5.5...


Persuasive Communication is the key to success in the US market

“The success of a startup depends on its persuasiveness” Sun Choi, director of Mind The Bridge Asia, advised that one must develop communication skills in order to survive in the fierce American startup market. While there are many conditions for...


Why Right Now Is the Best Time Ever for Korean Startup to enter the Singaporean market

“As Coupang succeeded in listing on the U.S. stock market earlier this year, Singaporean investors are paying attention to Korean startups.” Oh Young-rok, CEO of Awesome Ventures, said, “Now is the best time for Korean startups to enter the Southeast...

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