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Angel Group's First Industrialized Strain of Probiotics Anchors Strategic Transformation Towards Biotechnology

YICHANG, China, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Angel Group ("Angel") is a prominent company in the field of biotechnology, driving progress and innovation in sectors like bio-agriculture and bio-healthcare. Recently, Angel successfully achieved large-scale production of the Dangxiong LB VIII probiotics strain, a significant breakthrough that marks a milestone in Angel’s strategic transformation from yeast towards biotechnology.

The DB-8 hails from Dangxiong, which is at an altitude of 4,500 meters where there are towering snow mountains and vast grasslands. This edible probiotic strain belongs to Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Lactis, and at its core Angel has brought its first self-developed yogurt starter culture Yo-Fru1.

Angel’s R&D team regularly visited Tibet and collected over 100 precious samples of plateau probiotics from more than 20 counties and townships across five cities and one district, and continually expands its Qinghai Tibet Plateau Probiotic Bank, which is the main driving force for tackling the bottleneck of plateau probiotics development.

Collecting the probiotic strains is only the first step – strain isolation, identification, security evaluation, and selecting the best is a complex task.  Accordingly, Angel has expanded the R&D team and acquired advanced equipment to find the best probiotics strain and develop Yo-Fru1.

DB-8 has the advantages of acid production and natural fruit aroma in its metabolites, which makes it perfect for Angel to develop differentiated yogurt products.

In the process of industrializing the DB-8 in product application, Angel repeatedly experimented to elevate the taste, flavor, texture, formula cleaning and more, sought professional advice, and acquired accurate guidance in terms of raw material ratio, process optimization, and online trial production.

Angel’s corporate spirit of "pursuing excellence, innovation, and keep improving" has ceaselessly pushed the company to establish an integrated layout of biotechnology across the fields of food and health, biomedicine, bio-agriculture, and biomaterials.

"Angel is evolving from a leader in yeast production to becoming a global innovative enterprise of biotechnology, the strategic transformation not only brings challenges but also tremendous opportunities," said Xiong Tao, president of Angel group. "With a vision of ‘Developing Biotechnology, Innovate for Healthy Life,’ Angel aspires to become the world’s leading biotech enterprise."

Angel is also leveraging the advantaged resources to promote international development, and it has invested and built factories globally and set up subsidiaries in U.S., Germany, Singapore, and Mexico to achieve localization and expand its presence in overseas markets.


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