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[StartupRecipe] Active investors in the first half of the year in Korea

#Weekly Funding Overview

[Aug. 8~ Aug. 12]

The total funds raised by Korean startups of this week is KRW 142.5 billion.

InfiniteBlockDigital Asset-SeedSK Securities, DGB Daegu Bank
42DotMobility-M&AHyundai Motor Group
TrineedleLive Streaming-GRANTTIPS
TwowhyInterior-Pre-Series AEnlight Ventures, Kibo, DG Tech Holdings
SOVOROSTT Solution1.4 billionSeries AD3 jubilee Partners, POSTECH Holdings, IPS Ventures, Blue Point Partners
AlongPettech-SeedLG U+
ShoppingcodiShopping300 millionAI Angel club
R2C CompanyResearch-SeedNewborn Ventures
GroupbyEngineer HR-SeedThe Ventures
MoveawheelRoad infra solution800 millionSeed
iocropsSmart farm3.4 billionSeries AEnlight Ventures, Seoul National University Technology Holdings, BNK Venture Investment, Capstone Partners
Aloha factory6 billionSeries ALB Investment, Korea Investment Partners, Crit Ventures, POSCO Technology Investment
PALMTREE ISLANDEntertainment-M&ALoud Corporation
ProgroundRunning Platform-Wemade
ConpapaWebtoon400 millionSeedKlim Ventures, Fast Ventures, Bluerun Ventures, BRV Capital managment, Goodwater Capital, Sandbox Network, Kim, Sanghun
Ascent sportSports nutrition-SeedKIBO
OrangeBiomedMedical device-Pre-Series ADigital Healthcare Partners, (Seoul Technology Investment
QuantecRobo Advisor5 billionSeries C
BuildblockProphtech10 billionSeries AIS Dongseo, Crit Ventures, Primer Sazze Partners
StradVisionMobility107.6 billionSeries CAptiv, ZF, LSS PE, Kclavis, TimePolio Investment, nvester
Luca AICellBIO5 billionKorea Development Bank
AroundableRental Platform-GRANTTIPS
Actnova3D Behavior analysis500 millionSeedKakao Ventures
Reset CompanySolar Energy-SeedSeries Ventures
InTheCore Business PlatformSmart hotel-Pre-Series AHyndai Motors Zeroone
ZeroxflowEducation1.8 billionPre-Series ALaguna Investment, Must Ventures, Astone ventures, Angels
RefeelyECO Packaging800 millionSeedYoonmin Foundation, Next Dream Angel Club, Blue Point Partners, Lotte Ventures
WeeburWorkshop-Wanted lab

Major Funding

  • StradVision completed an investment of KRW 107.6 billion from domestic and foreign investors, including Aptiv, one of the three key players in the autonomous driving industry. StradVision develops advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and AI-based camera recognition software for autonomous driving. It will promote large-scale mass-production projects and increase its staff.
  • BuildBlock, a US real estate investment service, secured KRW 10 billion in investment. It offers resources for US real estate investing as well as assistance with complex administrative procedures. Its total transactions exceeded KRW 100 billion as of May this year.
  • Robo-advisor Quantec raised KRW 5 billion and was valued at KRW 86 billion. Its corporate value has doubled after receiving investment in July of last year.
  • Aloha Factory, which develops hyper-casual games, received a KRW 6 billion investment. Its game Kiss in Public reached 10 million downloads. The company plans to diversify into mid-core casual games with this funding.

#Trend Analysis

Active investors in the first half of the year in Korea

Despite the shrinking investment market, funds are still flowing into promising startups. We looked at the active investors of this year, from policy funds to VCs and accelerators.

According to data from Startup Recipe, the state-run bank Korea Development Bank has been the most active investor this year. It participated in sizable investments in major unicorn startups like Viva Republica, Zigbang, and Bucket Place. It has invested in innovative companies across all stages and industries, including fintech, space, semiconductor, and lifestyle. Last year, KDB also created an innovative growth fund to support promising companies. It runs the venture nurturing platforms, NextOne and NextRound, and has established itself as a key player in the domestic startup investment ecosystem, from discovering local startups to assisting with global expansion.

Venture capital under financial institutions is also active in investment. Leading companies include KB Investment, which is expanding early-stage investment, Korea Investment Partners, which has the greatest AUM(assets under management), Hana Ventures, and Shinhan Capital. IMM Investment and Atinum Investment are also bridging the investment gap in the Series B or higher growth stage.

Among investment firms and CVCs affiliated with IT companies, Kakao Ventures, Naver D2SF, and Smilegate Investment accelerated their investment. Kakao Ventures is increasing its investment in the healthcare sector, and Naver D2SF is expanding its investment by continuing its follow-up investment. Spring Camp and US investment firm Strong Ventures actively invested among the early investors and accelerators. Pre-IPO accelerators that are set to go public, such as Blue Point Partners, Future Play, and CNT Tech, also made an active investment.

Korea Development Bank Dealicious, Vueron Technology, Musma, Apartmentary, Armored Fresh, Bucket Place, Nara Space Technology, Team Fresh, Zigbang, Rebellions, Contec, Bbodek, Ssenstone, Viva Republica
KB InvestmentCarpenstreet, Team Sparta, Levit, Morai, Quarterback, Kodebox, Neubility, RebuilderAI, Rebellions, Bbodek
Korea Investment PartnersRobo Arte, Glorang, Mondayoff, Recon Labs, Jaranda, WAD, Fast Forward, Dr. Diary, Adriel, SemiFive
Kakao VenturesIskra, Jaranda, Prevenotics, Rapport Labs, Kiboko, Conalog, LikeLion, Rebellions, Loonshot Company, Recon Labs, Medility, Asleep
Hana VenturesFastforward, Block oddyssey, howbuild, Storelink, Nara Space technology, Atostudy, Nuvent, Rafiq, Sirloin
NaverD2SFModhaus, Daim Research, Laplace Technologies, New Vessel, N.Light, Recon Labs, Onthelook, Myfranchise, SqueezeBits, GenGenAI, Safetics, Floatic, Gaudio Lab, Z-Emotion
IMM InvestmentZigbang, Looman Lab, Rebelion, My Franchise, Uptera, Bucket Place, Bear Robotics, Hutom, Orchestra, Wellt, Neubility
Spring CampMacovill, BlueSignum, Proground, Chunmyung & Company, Planfit, Merakiplace, D.WHALE, Somssidang
FutureplayNeubility, Mayi, XL8, Torder, Carchap, Arooo, Aidin Robotics
Bluepoint partnersSovoro, Kidspay, Bebridge, liveanywhere, Musma, Blinkers
Strong VenturesInterior teacher, Moin, Modudoc, Plating, Beawocorp.
CntechLOSH KOREA, DOSEODAM, Spacepet, Doorkitchen, Scalar data

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