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[StartupRecipe] 15 Seed Stage Startups to Watch

#Weekly Funding Overview

[July.11~ July.15]

The total funds raised by Korean startups of this week is KRW 83.3 billion.

RealknowledgeEducation1.5 billionSeedPrimer Sazze Partners
Click SoundDigital therapeutics-SeedYonsei Technology Holdings
GSILSmart Safety Startup-Kakao, SKT
iEXGreen energy4 billionBNK Venture Investment, Hi Investment Partners, Hana Ventures, KB Investment
21GramPettech6 billionSeries BKorea Investment Partners, Coway, J-Curve Investment, and Water Bear Investment Association
UllenbreweryCraft Beer-MYSC
HarooHidden Color Code-M&ASnaptag
TaxwatchTax Content Media-GRANTTIPS
MuniceSleeptech-SeedThe Ventures
K.O.ASocial Venture-M&AKolon FNC
PetnowPettech4.7 billionPre-Series AKorea Develpoment Bank, Daedeok Venture Partners, Bookook securities
HatcherySocial Venture-SeedFast Ventures, Sopoong Ventures
MedibuilderMedical Aggregator4 billionPre-Series ABass Investment
ChilloenMusic Platform2 billionDavichi, Creditline
IngkleSmart Factory3.3 billionPre-Series ADaekyo Investment, L&S Venture Capital, Shinhan Capital, and Oaklen Ventures, Kclavis Investment
Lululabbeuaty Healthcare20 billionSeries CHyundai Motor Securities, SK Shields, Nautic Investment, Elohim Partners
AIDENLABInfluencer marketing-SeedMashup Angels
Neba CorportaionMetarial10 billionKolon Industry
GrinSmart farm300 millionMYSC
InteriorteacherPremium homestyling4.5 billionSeries AHana Ventures, Korea Investment Partners, Naver, Strong Ventures, Hana Financial Investment, BSK Investment, Delta Investment
Korea ProptechProptech-SeedStrong Ventures, The Ventures, Grit Ventures
OKESTROCloud Software-IMM Investment

Major Funding

  • Beauty healthcare startup Lululab has raised KRW 20 billion. Its AI-based skin analysis solution “Lumini” analyzes the user’s skin by face scanning and recommends matching beauty products. It stores data on one million skins. It stores data on one million skins. A mobile version of Lumini will be released in August.
  • The pet funeral service 21Gram has secured KRW 6 billion. So far, it has raised a total of KRW 12.5 billion. The company will expand funeral homes and care centers in the Seoul metropolitan area and open additional funeral halls. 
  • Interior Teacher, a home styling interior service, has received an investment of KRW 4.5 billion. It offers home styling services by matching professional interior designers and customers. Senior designers provide its premium service with furniture from heritage brands.

#Trend Analysis

The overall volume of the investment has decreased as the investment environment worsened, but funds are still flowing into the early-stage investment. Here we listed the seed stage startups with interesting business models that caught the attention of early-stage investors.

  • Universe Stationery = It runs “Story Nation,” a collaborative creation platform for buidling worlds and writing web novels. You can create your own fictional universe and publish a web novel with the settings in collaboration with other readers.
  • Arooo = It operates the platform “My Own Room,” which provides women sexual knowledge and content. It offers paid material that its staff have written and recorded. It has future plans to develop into a curated commerce service. 
  • Doeat = Doeat is a delivery app that doesn’t charge a delivery fee. It optimizes delivery routes and lowers costs by combining adjacent food delivery orders in real-time.
  • Whattime = It is an online scheduling and time management solution. It makes it simple for the other party to reserve a time when you’re available. It can be linked with various platforms, allowing you to manage your schedule all at once. 
  • Team Dots = It runs an online experience school “School Dots.” It is an online education platform that provides teenagers with non-curricular subjects ranging from coding to philosophy.
  • Eargada = It is an audio content platform “Nadio” operator. It creates audio writer jobs with its own fostering program and supports them in publishing audiobooks through the app. 
  • Munice = It runs an AI-based smart solution “Miracle Night.” It counts the number of times a user tosses and turns as they sleep, evaluates their sleep cycle using information on their gender, age, and user motion, and provides the optimal sleep-inducing sound to the user.
  • Luden City = It operates “Lemon Letter,” curated fashion commerce for women in their 50s and 60s. It curates fashion content tailored to personal tastes, body shapes, and sizes and offers it in letter format.
  • Groo = It operates the data-based plant management app “Groo.” It provides a smart scheduling service that creates management schedules that are best for any indoor setting.
  • Social Investing Lab = It runs “Coffeehouse,” a stock investment social media platform that combines social media targeted for MZ generation and MTS of existing securities companies. 
  • RachelBlue = It is a jewelry sales platform where you can return purchased products and exchange them for new ones.
  • Sir’s = It is a medical healthcare platform for men that provides non-face-to-face treatment and medicine delivery for hair loss, acne, sleep disorders, and improving sex life.
  • Rent’re = It is a rental platform for home appliances that offers a variety of rental services in one place, including data-based product recommendations, pricing and quote comparison, rental contract/cancellation, etc.
  • Turnbag = It is a trading platform for used luxury goods with a blind auction system. It offers a valuation solution ‘Scrooge26’
  • Unit-Company = It runs “Ssupport,” a recruiting service for the video production industry. Clients can quickly recruit the talent they want while the staff can rapidly secure their desired shooting schedule. 

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