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[StartupRecipe] 20 startups expected to become unicorns

#Weekly Funding Overview

[June. 20~ June. 24]

The total funds raised by Korean startups of this week is KRW 141,67billion.

PhotoniSolPhotonic Technology370 millionSeedAI Angel club
ChexcarUsed car sale-Series AKream, KB Securities, Lotte Ventures
MAYMUSTIT Solution11 billionSeries AShinyoung Securities PE Department, BSK Investment, Kiwoom Investment
FLATTENSneakers Platform-SeedSpringcamp
MooncademyMusic instrument rental-Pre-Series ANewParadigm Investment
RN1Outdoor game-SeedJB Ventures
ArtiwealthTax solution2.1 billionSeries AKB Securities, SJ Investment Partners, Gabia
LionrocketAI-GRANTPost TIPS
RGTRobotics-Nice group
SB&PartnersInterior-Series ALes entreprises Smartlux, Ventures field
GractorSmartcity6 billionDS Networks, TimeWorks Investment
monolithTheme park20 billionPre-IPODS Asset Management, Infinitum Partners, ISU Venture Capital
MyrealtripTravel50 billionVIG Alternative Credit
Insta coinBlockchain-Fresheat
C-BIOMEXBio/Healthcare6.5 billionSeries BSinpung Pharmaceutical, Innopolis Partners, Starset Investment, Mirae Asset Venture Capital, E&Venture Partners, Enlight Ventures
Alba freeJob searching-SeedStar Ventures, SK Securities
V PlanetCelab ecommerce-SeedStar Ventures, SK Securities
TheYOONHealthtechPet health-SeedStar Ventures, SK Securities
SGMAFishing Platform-SeedStar Ventures, SK Securities
InsuroboInsuretech-SeedStar Ventures, SK Securities
Buen CaminoFintech-SeedStar Ventures, SK Securities
FITDHealthcare-M&ADirectors Company
HUNIVERSEHealthcare10 billionSeries BNaver Cloud, D.A. Value Investment, Tap Angel Partners, ScaleUp Partners, Caseton Partners, IBK Capital
Name X EntertainmentIP Studio-Whynotmedia
Sensual momentAudio drama1.7 billionSeries ASui Generis Partners
PlaytagKids platform1 billionSeedSchmidt, Stone Bridge Ventures
RachelblueJewelry-SeedThe Ventures, Kimkisa lab
bbodekDishes Cleaning33 billionSeries BKDB Development Bank, KB Investment, DSC Investment, DotConnect Partners, Industrial Bank of Korea, Hana Financial Investment
Supercoderengineer HR-GRANTTIPS
logisoftMobility solution-M&ATmap Mobility
YOLDigital forwarding plaform-GRANTTIPS

Major Funding

  • Myrealtrip, a travel plaform, has raised KRW 50 billion in investment. With Travel Everyday as its new vision, the company plans to focus its capabilities on growth.
  • Jeju Racing Theme Park Monolith attracted free IPO investment at KRW 190 billion. with the new funding, the company plans to build the second theme park in Yeongjondo.

#Trend Analysis

20 startups expected to become unicorns

20 Korean startups with high growth potential to grow into future unicorn startups were selected by the government. The Ministry of SMEs and Startups announced 20 pre-unicorn startups through Preliminary Unicorn startup Specialty Warranty program. The program provides special guarantees up to KWR 20 billion for preliminary unicorns with a corporate value of KWR 100 billion to KWR 1 trillion. There were 76 companies that applied for this pre-unicorn program, with a 3.8:1 competition ratio.

According to the Startup Recipe data, there are more than 20 unicorns in Korea. This rapid increase in unicorns has been noticeable since 2019, and the Korean government has launched national initiatives to nurture unicorns to continue this growth. It started the K Unicorn project in 2019 to select startups with the potential to become unicorns in the future and to support financial and non-financial growth.

Through the K-Unicorn Project, baby unicorns and preliminary unicorns were born, and 60 baby unicorns were selected last month. The government plans to expand support to respond to the growing startup ecosystem and foster more startups.

1GluupICTA global on-off Brand commerce
2The swingICTAn electric scooter and micromobility startup
3The piratesPlatformAn ecommerce platform for fish products
4DeliciousPlatformA fashion B2B Platfom ‘Shinsang market’
5MadupS/WAI based Digital marketing solution, Lever
6SensorViewManufactureT&M Cable, Micro-Coaxial Interconnection
73iS/WAn industry-leading immersive experience company specializing in metaverse technology, AI, VR, AR
8AribioBioA clinical stage integrated biotech company focused on developing novel therapeutics for neurodegenerative and infectious diseases
9Armored FreshManufacture  A foodtech company developing almond milk based Vegan cheese, dduk
10Slab AsiaManufactureA global logistics service platform
11HEM PharmaBioPersonalized health functional food using PMAS technology
121dropBioCOVID-19 Testing Kits
13EPCHEMTECHManufactureChemical Manufacturing Company developing and manufacturing secondary battery electrolytes, additives and precision Chemicals
14JeongyookgakICTOnline buther D2C Platform
15Contents firstContentGlobal webtoon platform ‘tappytoon’  
16TechtakaPlatformA tech based logistics startup operating ARGO
17TreasurehunterPlatformA creator management platform (MCN)
18TrdigePlatformGlobal soucing hub of Food & Agriculture
19FasstoLogisticsAI based logistics platform operating FMS(FASSTO Fulfillment System)
20Future medicineBioA drug discoveries based on Nucleoside Library Platform
20 selected startups

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