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[StartupRecipe] 12 Content Startups Targeting Global Markets

#Weekly Funding Overview

[Feb.21 ~ Feb.25]

The total funds raised by Korean startups of this week is KRW 103.45 billion.

RedtableRestaurant marketing2 billionMAGNA Investment
TogleEcommerce solution-SeedStrong Ventures, Mashupangels
Masion9Artist management-SeedDTC Global Parners
ValuemapProphtech6.25 billionSeries ABNK Venture Capital, Hana Financial Investment, NAU IB Capital, AIP ASSET MANAGEMENT, BlissVine Ventures,Seobut&d, thehyoosik
Cryo H&I1 billionSeries A bridgeBluepointpartners
GI vitaDigital Healthcare4.5 billionSeries ASK Securities
MY LORDMetaverse-Angel
Gomi corporationGlobal commerce12.5 billionSeries BTRAUM Investment, Halla holdings, MDI Ventures, Posco Capital, DS Asset Management, IBK, KB Investment, Ubiquoss Investment, F&F Partners, The investion lab
NeosapienceAI Voice25.6 billionSeries BBRV, Stic Ventures, Quantum Ventures Korea, Company K Partners, Daekyo Investment
AdrielDigital Marketing15 billionSeries BShinhan Venture Investment, Korea Investment Partners, LB Investment, KT Investment, Quantum Ventures Korea
AnimalGoPettech-SeedFuture Play
OODTFashion400 millionPre-Series APacemakers, SAG Korea
TriOarBio/Healthcare-Pre-Series AIMM Investment, KB Investment, Bokwang Venture Capital
Ad-ShieldAd tech1 billionPre-Series AHashed, The Ventures
Under BridgInteractive content-SeedCompany A
StreamiBlockchain10 billionKB Investment
SirloinFoodtech40 billionKorea Develpoment Bank, Hana Bnak, Donghoon Investment
BlockOdysseyBlockchain10.8 billionSeries ASK Networks

Major Funding

Meat-selling startup Sur.loin has raised 40 billion won. It tripled in the B2C market last year and achieved 20 billion won in annual sales. It will expand the production facilities to meet growing demand.

AI-voice service Neosapience has secured 25.6 billion won investment. It operates Typecast, used by 1 million users, where you can create content by synthesizing the voices of virtual actors. It plans to upgrade the service and advance into the global market with the investment.

Adriel, an integrated digital marketing solution, has raised 15 billion won in Series B. It is an ad-ops platform that provides multi-channel advertising execution, operation, and analysis to improve corporate profits. The company will expand the business area to the business intelligence and marketing automation platform with the funds.

Blockchain company Block Odyssey has received an investment of 10.8 billion won. It is a blockchain authentication solution that issues an unclonable secure QR code, providing data tracking technology for each distribution stage. The team plans to expand the business with the investment. 

#Trend Analysis

12 Content Startups Targeting Global Markets

Riding on the global popularity of K-content, such as Squid Game, BTS, and Parasite, promising content startups in Korea are also targeting the global market. Here are 12 content startups aiming to enter the global market, from platforms for creators to K-pop content platforms. 

Lighters company operates Kooky, a platform that connects musicians with overseas fandom. It offers live fan meetings and concerts and supports 30 local languages so that rookie artists can easily meet overseas fandom.

Appmedia provides an e-book app Appbook. Appbook has editing designs and layouts optimized for mobile devices and is used for newsletters, magazines, brochures, etc. It inserts QR codes into the printed booklet for easy download.

Devunlimit is the operator of the AI fitness platform Sparky. All you need is a webcam and a computer to start exercising. It provides enjoyable fitness content from workout moves to K-pop dances. It precisely analyzes your movement with AI and tells you how many calories you burnt.

Asia Lab is a global creative platform where everyone can learn, create and connect using their talents. In Asia Lab, anyone, regardless of nationality, race, or language, can create and sell programs, services, talents, and products.

Waynehills has developed an AI technology algoritm that extracts meanings from text and audio data and automatically converts them into digital video content with matching images and animations. It has achieved 4 billion won in sales from corporate transactions such as creating product manuals. It aims for an IPO in the first half of this year.

Arbor Lux is a production company specializing in 2D, 3D animation and VR, and AR video content. Established in 2018 for the global advancement of Korean content, it operates a local production company in Malaysia while conducting the entire production process for broadcasts, movies, and educational videos. Its main service is GOGOSTOP, an interactive AR/VR content for kids, targeting Southeast Asia and MENA regions.

Ideaconcert is a culture and technology company established in 2015 that researches technologies to recreate webtoons and comic books into moving video content. Its main service is Toonivie, an AI-based production tool that anyone can easily make a cartoon into a video by adding sound and visual effects.

DaL LaLa Network is a platform to make future superstars. Founded in 2018 by an idol-turned-CEO, it operates a service Twinkple that supports auditions, challenges, and album production, with 100,000 downloads in 14 countries.

Imemine has developed an AI-based body sizing solution Sizemine. Unlike other competitors, it has the advantage of measuring the size with a single frontal photo taken with a smartphone. It provides B2C and B2B services and sells B2B solutions to e-commerce or retail brands on a subscription basis.

Indj is an AI-based music streaming platform that recommends music that suits the situation and mood. You can also create your own channel to share music with other users. It plans to operate an NFT-based private music club and create a place where fans and musicians can interact through Metaverse.

P&P Planning operates KSHOPINA, which sells K-brand products to Middle Eastern countries. Its main products are K-pop merchandise and albums. It helps Middle Eastern consumers purchase Korean products without worrying about counterfeit products.

R.O.C.K has developed a wearable smart ring mouse. It can be controlled in the air through tactile sensors and is adjusted to fit the size of your fingers. It uses a bundling strategy, selling the mouse with PCs or laptops as a set.

You can find the introduction videos of the 12 teams here

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