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Seoul AI Hub Anchor Facility Opens to boost AI Ecosystem

sungho-choo - 2024 June 5

The Seoul AI Hub anchor facility has officially opened, aiming to foster a robust AI ecosystem in the city. Serving as a central hub for AI industry support, this state-of-the-art facility strategically integrates resources from various AI support centers in Yangjae-dong and Woo-myeon-dong, Seoul.

Spanning from a basement level to seven floors above ground, the anchor facility is designed to cater to diverse needs. The first and second floors feature a public-access lobby, café, and open lounge, creating an inviting space for visitors. The third and fourth floors are dedicated to workspaces for AI startups and partner organizations, complemented by a large conference room that can accommodate up to 180 attendees.

The top three floors, five through seven, are home to the KAIST Graduate School of AI. This institution plays a pivotal role in linking startups with AI hubs, ensuring a steady supply of skilled professionals, and driving corporate growth through cutting-edge research programs.

Moreover, the Air Force AI New Technology Convergence Center has moved into the facility, where it is spearheading an open innovation program focused on the defense sector.

In the latter half of this year, the hub will also welcome researchers from international institutions to engage in global research collaborations, including seminars. Seoul has already signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with leading AI research entities such as Canada’s MILA AI Institute, Europe’s largest AI research consortium Cyber Valley in Germany, and Canada’s Ivado.


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