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12 Korean Startups Shine at Dubai FinTech Summit

sungho-choo - 2024 May 13

12 Korean startups showcased their innovative solutions at the Dubai FinTech Summit held at Jumeirah Resort. With their sights set on attracting venture capital funding and forging partnerships with global players, these startups leveraged the Seoul Pavilion, a collaborative effort by Invest Seoul and Seoul FinTech Lab, to connect with potential investors and collaborators.

Meanwhile, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon participated in the Dubai FinTech Summit, showing support for Korean startups while also proposing to establish mutual financial and economic cooperation with Dubai.

  • Glorang=Leveraging AI technology, Glolang combines diagnostics and education to provide personalized education roadmaps for talent development.
  • VSPharmTech=VSPharmTech is developing VS-101, a radiosensitizer that synergizes with radiation therapy, a chemotherapy enhancer to improve chemotherapy efficacy, and an inhibitor to block cancer metastasis, a major cause of cancer-related deaths.
  • ScalarData=ScalarData offers a comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solution, encompassing an app, EV chargers, and energy management.
  • AutoCrypt=AutoCrypt provides in-vehicle security solutions and consulting, testing services, and vehicle communication and transportation infrastructure.
  • H2O Hospitality= H2O Hospitality’s H2O FLOW service digitally transforms hospitality and leisure facilities through SMART CRS, SMART Check-in, SMART Concierge, SMART CRM, SMART D2C, and SMART PGMS.
  • Roadsystem=Roadsystem has developed TripPass, a global tourism and finance platform based on mobile passport authentication for cross-border travelers worldwide.
  • Moin= Moin offers a user-friendly international money transfer service for both personal and business remittances, providing low-cost and fast transfers to 128 countries.
  • Horizon Technologies=Horizon Technology’s Quantract AI utilizes AI analysis of 10,000 stocks in Korea and the US to enable stock selection and automated trading.
  • Whatsup=Whatsup leverages spending data to provide personalized services and financial insights to individuals.
  • Walkerbay= Walkerbay is an AI-powered financial research assistant that supports investment decision-making by gathering relevant information and generating insights.
  • Publ=Publ offers a tokenized securities issuance and distribution platform.
  • BCLabs=BC Labs provides a digital asset hedge fund investment platform.


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