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Korea’s largest Startup Community Hosts New Year’s Party

sungho-choo - 2024 February 1

Korea Startup Forum (KSF), the largest startup community in Korea, hosted the ‘Spa(Startup fighting) Land’ New Year’s Party. The event aimed to bring together active members and partners in the startup ecosystem, providing a networking platform for mutual support and energizing interactions as they ushered in the new year.

As of 2023, KSF boasts a membership of 2,237 startups, with 248 new additions during the same year. The cumulative investment made by these startups has reached KRW 29.439 trillion, which is accompanied by an annual sales volume of KRW 20.149 trillion. Notably, Wizdome CEO Han Sang-woo was announced as the new chairman of the board of directors during the event, setting the tone for the forum’s activities in 2024.

Key members of the KSF include well-known Startups such as Socar, Kurly, Zikbang, Viva republica, Danggeun, Megazone cloud, spanning from publicly listed companies to unicorn startups.


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