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Asan Voyager seek for early startups

sungho-choo - 2024 January 25

The Asan Nanum Foundation is now accepting applications for ‘Asan Voyager Batch 2,’. This program aims to assist Korean early-stage startups in entering the U.S. market. Selected startups will receive support ranging from long-term stay expenses in the U.S. to insights and know-how for enhancing business capabilities. This year, the foundation plans to double the scale of support, selecting 20 teams, compared to the previous year.

<Program Details>

  • Financial Fuel: Up to KRW 20 million to cover a 60-day U.S. stay, plus support for airfare and accommodation for your team.
  • Growth Hacks: Dive deep into a 3-month pre-education program to refine your business skills and prepare for success.
  • Expert Network: Tap into a network of seasoned professionals for personalized guidance and mentorship.
  • Events & Resources: Gain exposure through global exhibitions like CES and leverage valuable seminars, workshops, and more.


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