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116 K-Startups Sweep CES 2024 Innovation Awards

sungho-choo - 2024 January 9

A record-breaking 116 Korean ventures and startups are expected to receive innovation awards at the world’s largest IT exhibition, CES 2024, to be held in Las Vegas, USA, from January 9th to 12th. Of these, 91 firms have received government assistance in the form of TIPS(Tech Incubator Program for startup Korea) and commercialization support. Furthermore, 7 out of the 8 companies (Midbar, Studiolab, Toptable, Zkrypto, OneCom, Rordsystem, selected for the best of innovation awards are ventures and startups, marking a historical first.

In the meantime, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups plans to operate a unified K-Startup pavilion during CES 2024 to back these 91 startups. The performance and future growth potential of these Korean ventures and startups at the exhibition are eliciting high expectations.

<CES 2024 Innovation Awards>

  • Deepvisions=an AI-powered particulate matter (PM) monitoring solution using image data. 
  • Sheco=a water clean-up drone(e.g. robot vacuum cleaner) designed to recover pollutants from bodies of water.
  • Thoth=EV Battery Autonomous Dismanting Robot
  • Kansters= a cutting-edge wheelchair treadmill ‘Wheely-X’
  • Waiker=AI NLP powered stock market data solution that transforms unstructured stock market data into a structured database.
  • Mems=a MEMS Gas Sensor, a contactless thermal conductivity sensor measuring just 2mm in size, primarily designed for hydrogen detection.
  • Zkrypto=Blockchain-based voting system ‘zkVoting’
  • Lifeon Korea=a service that turns interior design into a complete, ready-made product ‘Room by room’. 
  • Everex=an AI-driven mobile application specializing in musculoskeletal assessment and personalized rehabilitation. 


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