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7 Best tourism startups of 2023

sungho-choo - 2024 January 7

The best tourism startups of 2023 have been selected. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in collaboration with the Korea Tourism Organization, recognized and awarded 34 startups that demonstrated outstanding achievements in the tourism sector at the 2023 Tourism Venture Day. These selected startups were chosen from those that participated in five government-supported programs. Among them, 7 top companies received the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award, while 27 were honored with the President of the Korea Tourism Organization Award.

<7 best startups of the year>

  • TripBitoz=Video-based travel/accommodation reservation platform
  • Zimcarry= Platform for storing and transporting luggage
  • Lane4company=Premium mobility platform
  • Travel Wallet=Prepaid travel pay card
  • Banlife=Pet-friendly travel reservation platform
  • Tripsoda=community base travel platform
  • ANW=Multimedia art content service specialized in night tourism


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