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MAVE: Sets Sail on the Global Charts! Debut EP Lands on iTunes Charts in 10 Countries, Including the United States and the United Kingdom

  • Virtual Girl Group MAVE: Receives Global Acclaim → Commences Full-fledged Comeback Activities on Show! Music Core
  • Following the PANDORA fever, What’s My Name showcases the Global Premium Presence of 5th-Generation Premium Girl Group MAVE:

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 5th Generation Premium Girl Group MAVE: has set sail on the global charts. MAVE: is the girl group formed in 2023 by Metaverse Entertainment and Kakao Entertainment.

According to the global music streaming platform iTunes on the 1st, MAVE:’s 1st EP album, What’s My Name, released the previous day, successfully entered the top album charts in five regions worldwide, including Thailand, Turkey, Russia, Canada, and Germany. It also made its presence known on the Apple Music top album charts, entering two countries, including Cambodia and Thailand.

Having officially debuted with the first single PANDORA’S BOX in January of this year, MAVE: has already proven its global popularity and attention with Spotify recording 45 million streams and 30 million views on the music video for its debut song PANDORA.

The title track of this EP, What’s My Name, also made a global impact by entering K-pop top single charts in four regions, including Switzerland, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The official music video for What’s My Name, released alongside the audio, has gained over 1 million views on YouTube within 17 hours, continuing its early buzz. Within just three days of release, the video has surpassed 5 million views on YouTube, demonstrating its lasting influence.

What’s My Name is an album that captures MAVE:’s new journey. Peering into scenes of girls on the unfamiliar yet exciting path to finding their true selves, the album brings fresh joy to global music fans through a childlike and pure perspective. The expanded emotional connection of MAVE: who transitioned from IDYPIA to the real world, is also highlighted.

Since the release day of What’s My Name, listeners around the world have expressed various praises through comments on music platforms and YouTube, such as "The quality is great again," "Expressions are more natural," "I’ve been waiting for this," "Even the B-sides feel like title tracks," "The songs are really good," and "I listen to MAVE: with trust."

Meanwhile, on the MBC-TV Show! Music Core broadcast on the 2nd, MAVE: made their first-ever public performance of the title track What’s My Name from the 1st EP album. On that day, MAVE: adorned their comeback with a dazzling performance that surpassed the limits of virtual visuals. Showcasing vocal prowess and technical skills, they proudly displayed the true essence of a "5th-generation premium girl group." Particularly, in line with the concept of transitioning from IDYPIA to the real world, they unfolded a performance depicting the journey of finding one’s true self. The transformation of the stage through wormholes and pupils was intriguing, and their synchronized motions, strong-hooked choreography utilizing both arms and lively and cheeky facial expressions heightened the immersion, leaving a lasting impression. The ending pose, adorned with cute winks and playful expressions, also captivated attention.

MAVE: plans to continue various activities with What’s My Name and actively communicate with fans.



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