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StartupRecipe Investment Report 2021

The Startup Recipe Investment Report 2021 is an investment report that compiles information on investments attracted by South Korean startups in the year 2021. It covers information on startup investment news, trends in the startup ecosystem, and important investment sectors for 2020.

The information in the report was gathered from publications in the press and announcements made by startups or their investors. Even if they are publicly stated, some details may have been left out.

The collected firm ages are limited to fewer than 15 years, and startups that have been acquired by large enterprises or publicly traded corporations to become their affiliates are excluded. As for block chains, legal tender and coin investment are included. At least one female co-founder or CEO is required to be classified as a female-owned business. The report also includes enterprises started and headquartered by Korean entrepreneurs in other countries. The business type classification in this report is based on the standards of the independent startup recipe, which benchmarks the classification techniques of overseas investing companies. It largely pertains to the venture capital association’s classification techniques and compares them to those of overseas venture capitals and accelerators.

While this report is based on Startup Recipe’s monthly startup recipe data, the numbers varied from the monthly reports owing to some adjustment, alteration, and addition.

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