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[StartupRecipe] 10 Biggest Funding of the Week

#Weekly Funding Overview

[Feb. 19 ~ Feb. 23]

The total funds raised by Korean startups of the week is KRW 113.55 Billion.

BrownbagCoffee7 billionSeries AKDB Industrial Bank of Korea, Bass Investment, Wisdom Asset management, Dasan Investment
AdshieldAdlock recovery solution2.7 billionPre-Series AShorooq Partners, Bass Investments, Hashed
MetalogosPublic stock information service2 billionPre-Series AZVC
The Day1LabEco friendly materials1 billionBonif
GeogridSmart building Purification600 millionSeedD3jubilee Partners, Sopoong Ventures
TechtakaFulfillment Solution12.6 billionAltos Ventures
CCK SolutionAccounting-Pre-Series ANaverD2SF, Samil
NinehireHR-M&AJob Korea
BeebleWeb31 billionSeedHashkey, Samsung NEXT, DCG, DWF Ventures, Nomura Laser Digital, Cypher Capital, Blockchain Founders Fund
JM WAVEClimate tech3 billionSeries ABright Energy Partners, Astone Ventures, Kiwoom Asset Management
SorcericsSeamlessly connect smart devices-SeedMashup Ventures, Devsisters Ventures
TildaOptimization solution1.6 billionPre-Series AWoori Venture Investment, Korea Social Investment foundation, D-Camp, Blue Point Partners, Kodit
SpotliteModel casting platform600 millionSeedStrong Ventures, The Ventures, Antler Korea
Leanon companyEdutech-SeedKodit, Heimin Venture Investment
HoneyNapsSleeptech15 billionSeries BHi Investment Partners, Korea Development Bank, Quad Asset Management, Albatross Investment
GuidefloManual product150 millionPre-SeedAntler Korea
Renew-Earth LABClimate tech150 millionPre-SeedAntler Korea
MnklKids resale150 millionPre-SeedAntler Korea
NewndyEcommerce150 millionPre-SeedAntler Korea
TrextiBusiness brokerage150 millionPre-SeedAntler Korea
Fractal technologySmall Business brokerage150 millionPre-SeedAntler Korea
D.CircleMartech150 millionPre-SeedAntler Korea
SellkingProptech150 millionPre-SeedAntler Korea
MinipopzPopup Store150 millionPre-SeedAntler Korea
FLEXCILEdutech50 billionCrescendo Equity
DencommDental solution10 billionSeries A2Starset Investment, DSC Investment, TS Investment, Hana Securities, KB Securities
AptamarketHealthcare-SeedSeoul Techno Holdings
KvisaVisa Platform-SeedStrong Ventures
Nexpot solutionCertification Solution-SeedY&Archer
ModaplMobility data4.3 billionSeedSchmidt, Auton, Samsungfire
Bigtech plusProptech800 millionPre-Series AKakao Bank, HGInitiative, MYSC
lynensB2B laundry-Pre-Series ABig Basin Capital, Bon Angels partners

#Trend Analysis

10 Biggest Funding of the Week

This week saw several Korean startups secure significant funding, with Flexcil leading the pack at KRW 50 billion. Other notable investments include Honeylabs, Techtaka, and Dencomm. Additionally, Antler Korea announced pre-seed investments in 9 promising startups selected for Batch 3.

Flexcil, KRW 50 billion. Operates a global digital learning platform, which makes learning simple and effective on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other digital devices. It offers Sconn, an app for viewing content and taking notes, and Flexcil, a digital handwriting app. The investment will be utilized for service enhancement.

Honeynabs, KRW 15 billion. An AI sleep tech startup that developed an AI-based sleep disorder diagnosis solution, Somnum, and received FDA approval. Funding will accelerate the development of AI models based on explainable medical AI and edge computing technology.

Techtaka, KRW 12.6 billion. A startup that operates Argo, a fulfillment solution. Argo tracks the location of goods in real time and suggests the best way to move and package them.

Dencomm, KRW 10 billion. An AI voice recognition solution startup that developed Densper, an AI voice recognition engine specialized for the dental field. The investment will be utilized for R&D and global marketing, and the company plans to establish a US subsidiary in the first half of this year.

Brownbag, KRW 7 billion. A coffee-tech startup that manufactures and distributes coffee beans based on data to personalize your taste. They launched Bliss, an office coffee subscription service, with 3,000 customers. Plans to use the investment to upgrade services and commercialize next-generation coffee machines, including the launch of a touchscreen coffee machine in the first half of the year.

Modapl, KRW 4.3 billion. A mobility business solution startup that defines the car as a mobile space and pursues the role of middleware between automakers and mobility service providers through IT business solutions for operators that utilize it.

JM Wave, KRW 3 billion. A climate-tech mobility startup with technology to convert old diesel trucks to electric trucks. The company will conduct a demonstration project of a 1-ton last-mile truck, which is scheduled to be released this year, and accelerate its global expansion.

Adshield, KRW 2.7 billion. A startup that operates ad-blocking loss recovery solutions to help publishers recapture revenue lost to user ad-blocking with its technology.

Metalogos, KRW 2 billion. A startup that operates a public stock information service, Ilsukgong, an app that tells retail investors whether a public stock to be listed is worth investing in through an attractiveness index.

Tilda, KRW 1.6 billion. An AI manufacturing decision-making solution startup. Developed Argmax, a data and AI-based manufacturing shop floor problem-solving solution. Argmax is also helpful in terms of ESG management.

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